Building the Future

Support for the education, health, and wellbeing of Indigenous youth and their communities

Better education is necessary to ensure that Indigenous children and youth in Canada have the chance to succeed. That’s why the Martin Family Initiative (MFI) is committed to improving not only K-12 education for Indigenous children, but also the wider determinants that influence their educational outcomes, including health and well being. To achieve this, we are proud to work in partnership with Indigenous leaders, educators, governments, other foundations, and private sector partners.

Because better student outcomes make stronger communities.  


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“When a First Nation makes education a priority, we create a caring environment for boosting Anishinaabe students’ self-esteem, which in turn boosts academic achievement.”

 Chief Patrick Madahbee, Grand Council Chief, Anishinabek Nation

 “It’s just that drive: we believe in the students and the students believe in themselves.“

Craig Lindsay, Vice-Principal, Hillside School