I want to help! How can I donate online?

Thank you for considering a donation to the Martin Family Initiative! You can donate online through Canada Helps - Click here!

How can I contact The Right Honourable Paul Martin?

Please call Thérèse Horvath at 514-982-3912 or send an email to paulmartin@paulmartin.ca

I am looking for employment with the Martin Family Initiative, who should I talk to?

Send an email to the attention of Lucie Santoro at info@themfi.ca

How can I get my thesis/report/study published on the Promising Practices Website (PPW)?

Please send an email to the attention of  Dr. Rosemary Gannon at info@themfi.ca

Where can I find more information on the Model School Literacy Project?

Refer to the “Research and Results” page for items related to the Model School Literacy Project.

How can I make a funding request to the Martin Family Initiative for my own project?

Unfortunately the Martin Family Initiative does not accept funding requests.