Our Team

Founder: The Right Honourable Paul Martin

President: David Martin

Vice President and CEO: Laurence Duguay Martin


Lucie Santoro | Director of Administration, Communications and stakeholder relations

Dr. Carlana Lindeman | Education Program Director

Chloe Ferguson | Director – MFI Early Years program

Thérèse Horvath | Personal & Scheduling Assistant to the Right Honourable Paul Martin

Lauren Conway | Executive Assistant


Model School Literacy Project:

Dr. Carlana Lindeman | Education Program Director

Vaughan Stoyka | Program Director

Dr. Julia O’Sullivan | Chief Advisor

Steve Styers | Associate Director/Central Leadership Mentor/Cultural Liaison

Leslie Hodgins-Ross | Central Literacy Lead

Jackie Skinner | Administrative support Coordinator


Accounting Mentorship Program:

Doretta Thompson | National Coordinator

Tashia Batstone | Chair, Advisory Committee

Kevin J. Dancey | Advisory Committee

Wayne McDonald | Regional Coordinator for Ontario

Arlene Skull | Regional Coordinator for Western Canada & Northern Ontario

Mario Torre | Regional Coordinator for Québec & Nova Scotia

J. Peter Ranson | Regional Coordinator for British Columbia & Northern Alberta             

Lloyd R. Posno | Advisory Committee

Keith Martell | Advisory Committee

Terry Goodtrack | Advisory Committee

Brent Tookenay | Advisory Committee 


Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program (AYEP):

Susan Aris | Education Program Coordinator

Yves Bousquet | Education Program Coordinator – Saskatchewan

Maria Biondi | AYEP administrator


Promising Practices in Aboriginal Education Website:

Dr. Rosemary Gannon | PPW Coordinator

Catherine McCullough  | Advisory Board 

Dr. Christy Bressette  | Advisory Board 

Nathan Matthews | Advisory Board 


First Nations Schools Principals’ Course:

Dr. Carlana Lindeman | Education Program Director


We Stand Together Campaign (formerly Free The Children):

Dr. Carlana Lindeman | Education Program Director

Lucie Santoro | Director of Administration and Operations


Legal Mentorship Program:

Grant Buchanan | National Coordinator

Teri Meding | Project Manager