Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program (AYEP): Adult Centre

Encouraging entrepreneurship education for all educational pathways

The AYEP Adult Program was implemented through discussions with several First Nations communities. This program is based on our successful AYEP high school courses.


The Program

Similar to other Canadians, some Indigenous students do not take a traditional path to high school graduation, and occasionally must leave high school due to a variety of circumstances. Some students opt to attend adult centres, which better meet their needs because of their flexibility and the presence of similar peer groups. Often these students arrive with an enormous amount of motivation and personal goals to complete high school and simultaneously start to determine their future careers. AYEP courses offer an introduction to business that will help prepare students for the working world, regardless of their choice of career.



AYEP adult courses are offered in the last two years of high school. Upon successful completion of each of the two courses, students receive high school credits. Currently the AYEP adult courses meet provincial high school requirements in Quebec.


Participating Schools

First Nations Regional Adult Centre in Kahnawake, Québec.